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Making Complex Desicions (10 September 2021)
September 10, 2021

Making Complex Desicions (10 September 2021)


We’re running a night to help you think about whether to be vaccinated, because it’s a decision we all have to make or have already made. But we’re doing something bigger than that too. With every decision we make we want to make a good choice. But we often need to make decisions where it’s complicated, there’s a lot of factors to weigh up, and it’s not clear what the “good choice” is.

So, how do you make those kinds of complex decisions? That’s what we’re going to explore, with the vaccine as a case study. The vaccine is a good example of a complex decision as there’s a big mix of factors to sift through, a gap widening in our society between those who are vaccinated and those who aren’t, and it seems likely this topic will keep impacting our society and churches in the weeks and months ahead.

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