Summer Series: Unexpected Truths

Unexpected Truths

Many of us have read some or all of the Bible, and so there’s many things about God we assume we know. God is full of surprises though! So across January at Salt Church, we’ll look at four unexpected truths, four surprising things God wants you to know.

You’ll find each sermon recorded below, starting the 2nd January 2022.

Who gets to go to Heaven? How good do I need to be? Jesus' answer will shock you.
The idea that the universe rewards you is popular but does it work? Jesus has a refreshingly diffterent answer that brings hope to all.
Many people believe Christianity is not good because Christians do bad, + Christians & non-Christians alike doubt if all of Christianity is good. But Christianity is good for you because:…
If there even is a God out there, surely we can’t know this God and what they're like, right? But God has an unexpected truth for you: God is there,…

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