Reimbursement Form

Have you made a purchase on behalf of a Salt Church ministry and need to get reimbursed? You can get reimbursed using the form here

Our Safe Ministry Policy

Here is a link to the Safe Ministry Policy for Salt Church. The Safe Ministry Policy at Salt Church is in accordance with the Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998 No 157.

Download: Salt Church – Safe Ministry Policy 2022

Incident Response Process

Here is the link to the incident response process followed at Salt Church. This Incident Response Process provides further detail to the Salt Church Safe Ministry Policy. It details the minimum steps Salt Church will take to ensure it follows appropriate legal processes and acts in accordance with Insurance requirements.

Download: Salt Church Incident Response

Incident Report Form

Use this form to report safe ministry incidents.

Form: Salt Church Incident Report Form

Complaints Policy

Download: Complaints Policy 2022

Staff Code of Conduct

Download: Staff Code of Conduct Policy 2023

Salt Church Incorporated

Salt Church Inc. is the legal body that supports Salt Church through the management of finances and property. The Admin Committee and Review Panel are voted in by Salt Inc members at our AGM, as per the Salt Church Inc constitution. New members who have been coming to Salt Church for 3 months and agree with the beliefs of Salt Church can apply to become a Salt Inc. member at our Beginning course (or by contacting our Secretary Natalie Irvine) and can vote at the AGM.

Download: Salt Church Inc Constitution – October 2022

Safe Ministry Check Badge

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