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Next Gen at Salt Church!

We love to welcome families at Salt Church. People of all ages are loved by God and welcomed by God. We love that all people bring different things to our community – no less kids and youth! If your family wants to find out more about Jesus, you can come along any Sunday. Check out more info about our Sunday gathering here.

Our 10 am gathering has programs for a wide range of ages, check them out below! Our Next Gen programs teach the bible amongst peers in an age-appropriate way.

We also have opportunities to explore Jesus outside Sundays, with ARVOS for Years 3-6, our ‘Why I Believe’ course or catching up over a coffee with someone to talk about Jesus. If you’ve got questions about Next Gen at Salt, please email

What to expect at 10 AM on Sunday  

Things look a little different as we return to 275, check out what to expect as Kids Return to 275 – November 2021

Come before 10:00 am for a coffee and to meet people at Salt. You can sign into kids programs from 9:45 am at the sign-in table in the main gathering hall (or out the front when it’s sunny!). We’ll collect some of your information and consent so that your kids stay safe in our program. We’ll show you where to go for each age group and introduce you to the leaders for that session. You can drop your kids off and then join in with the gathering in the main hall. We’ll let you know if your kids need you at any time. After the gathering, you can collect and sign out your kids and spend some time getting to know others. If you feel more comfortable keeping your kids with you in the gathering, they are most welcome. 

What to expect at 5PM on Sunday

Kids are welcome at 5 pm, but we don’t have an organised kids program. The parent’s room is available for littlies and we encourage youth to join in with the main gathering.


We want all people to be safe mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically at Salt Church and 275 Keira st. When it comes to your kids and youth we have a covid safe policy you can view here. You’ll also need to do a COVID check-in when you arrive for Sunday sessions. Kids will be signed in and out of programs and we’ll collect some information from you so we meet our duty of care for your child while they are in the program. We invite you to come and explore the spaces and meet the leaders to help you feel confident in our programs! 

All leaders in our Next Gen programs and staff in our church have been trained to relate to one other in a safe and respectful way using the safe ministry training program. They also have a valid Working with Children check. We have a safe ministry policy to help children and vulnerable people stay safe.

If you have any concerns about safety in our church at any time, please feel free to contact

Next Gen programs and spaces:


Who: 0-3, sitting and eating independently and settled away from parents. 

What: ‘Teaching Little Ones’ by Stephanie Carmichael. It is a simple scripted teaching time for children age 0-5.  You can see some info at teaching little ones. Check out the tab link to ‘First steps’. 

Where: Upstairs.

Ideas for home: Stephanie also writes little booklets that tie in really well with the program. You might like to purchase them for your family bible time with little ones. Stephanie even does mini video’s based on these books!


Who: 3 years or turning 3 by June 2021

What: ‘Teaching Little Ones’ by Stephanie Carmichael. It is a simple scripted teaching time for children age 0-5.  You can see some info at teaching little ones. Check out the tab link to ‘Learning about God’ and ‘Introducing the Bible’. 

WhereDownstairs next to the kitchen. 

Ideas for home:  Check out these booklets and mini video’s based on the series 

Parents room

In our main hall, we have a room at the back of church for nursing babes and littlies equipped with an audio feed and windows to watch what’s happening. Also, sound minimised so kids can be noisy!

Includes a changing table, comfy chairs, playmats, some toys & more. 


Who: Kids in school- Kindergarten to Yr 3. 

What: Our Primary kids use an interactive style to explore the bible with time for fun and hanging out together.

Where: Garage in the adjoining Beurepaires building.  

Ideas for home: Check out this simple resource for reading the bible at home with your kids.  Table Talk for Families.


Who: Yr 4+ 

What: Interactive bible jam and hangs in a small group style following the sermon series. 

Where: Roller door space across from Parents room. 

Ideas for home: Invite your kids to follow along with what you are learning on Sundays. 


Who: Any kids from Wollongong in Years 3-6. Invite your friends! 

What: Fun afternoon of Jesus, hangs and interactive learning

When: Friday 4-5:30 pm during school terms. 

Where: 275 Keira st. 

Contact: Zane and Sarah

Salt Church Sermons


We have partnership with a few midweek youth groups in the Illawarra. Chat to us to find out where our youth are attending. 

We also host semi regular youth hangs for youth at Salt to connect even if they are attending other youth groups. 

We have a long term plan for youth, with a heap of young people approaching highschool in the next few years. We’d love to share our hopes and plans with you and help your youth find a home at Salt. 

Join us online


If you can’t gather face to face, grab church online via Youtube and check out the Salt Kids page to see an online kids talk or activity for you to do with your family. You could do this any time of the week that suits you!

Got Questions? Contact

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