Salt Leadership Teams
Michael Plaege

Michael Plaege

Lead & Mission Pastor

Michael is passionate about following Jesus and helping others love Jesus more. Michael moved to Wollongong in early 2020 with his wife Natalie and 3 teenager daughters when he took on the role of Lead Pastor of Salt Church. Michael is learning to surf and enjoys camping in the middle of nowhere without running water or wifi.

Geoff Ackman

Maturity & Ministry Pastor

Geoff loves helping people know God better. After a few years at a bible college, Geoff and his wife Fiona moved to Wollongong to join the Salt Church team. He’s a drum-playing martial-arts-student and father of 3 kids, who doesn’t like long romantic walks on the beach because there’s no ankle support.


Andy Hobbs

Membership & Magnification Pastor

Andy is excited by seeing people who don’t know Jesus come to Salt and helping them connect in. He loves listening to and playing music, watching movies and taking his kids to the park. Andy and his wife Keris have 5 awesome kids.

Ange Miller

Ministry Apprentice

Before joining the Salt leadership team, Ange worked as a primary school teacher in the Illawarra. She loves kids and is totally energised by working with them. Ange is also studying her Diploma of Theology at SMBC and is passionate about making disciples. Ange has attended Salt since 2014 with her husband Dan (who joined 2013). She enjoys painting and playing soccer.

Natalie Dixon

Administration Team Leader

Natalie and her husband Nigel have been at Salt Church since 2014. They love helping people feel welcomed and connected at Salt. Natalie and Nigel have 4 adult children and in their spare time love trying new cafes or restaurants together. Natalie sees beauty in Australian native flowers and is in awe of what an amazing creator God is!

Kelsea Stamper

Communications Leader

Kelsea has lived in Wollongong her whole life, recently graduating from UOW with her double degree (Arts & International Studies). Kelsea loves to point people to the message of Christ with her husband Caleb. Her hobbies include photography, swooning over other people’s dogs and doting over houseplants.

Fiona Ackman

Salt Kids Coordinator

Fiona (Fee) loves an active lifestyle, to read and talk deeply with her husband Geoff and their 3 kids. Living in Coniston, Fee is passionately overseeing the kids ministry (0-18) at Salt. She is motivated to equip our church community to raise the next generation of lifelong disciples of Jesus across the Illawarra.

Administration Committee

  1. Michael Plaege – Chairman
  2. Grant Wood – Secretary
  3. Ron Bryant – Treasurer
  4. Jason Gundlach – Committee Member
  5. Natalie Irvine – Committee Member

External Board of Reference

  1. Andrew Heard (EV Church Senior Pastor)
  2. Greg Lee (Hunter Bible Church Senior Pastor)
  3. Ray Galea (MBM Church Senior Pastor)
  4. Al Stewart (Director Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches [FIEC])

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