Ministry Apprentices at Salt Church

“And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable people who will also be qualified to teach others” (2 Timothy 2:2)

At Salt we are passionate about making disciples and raising the next generation of disciple makers for the Illawarra and beyond! Since Salt was planted in 2012 we’ve invested in training leaders in partnership with The Ministry Training Strategy (MTS) and most of our current staff team were trained in an MTS apprenticeship.

MTS apprentices make a valuable contribution to making disciples at Salt, working alongside the staff team, who mentor and train them. It is also anticipated they will become future leaders sent out to the wider work of making disciples throughout the world. They receive a modest scholarship and work through the MTS curriculum.

What is MTS?​​

MTS seeks to multiply gospel workers through Ministry Apprenticeships.​

What is a Ministry Apprenticeship?​​

An MTS Apprenticeship is two years of full time real-life ministry training under the supervision of an experienced gospel leader. Apprenticeships are centred on prayer, Bible study and hands on ministry experience prior to degree level theological study or an employed ministry role.

Deep theological training is essential to growing gospel leaders but not sufficient. Skilled tradespeople need a combination of knowledge and practical on the job training (working in a team, learning how to apply theory, and gaining practical experience on how to work effectively). Growing gospel leaders is the same!

What do the Apprentices Learn?​

MTS training at Salt focuses on four areas:​

CONVICTION – where they are trained in:​

  • Bible study – developing a commitment to the Bible and cultivating the skills to read and apply it.
  • Thinking theologically – developing a sound understanding of the Gospel and in their ability to reflect theologically about Christian ministry.​

CHARACTER – where they are trained in:​

  • Prayer and godliness – learning to live a life characterised by a love for and trust in God – expressed through prayer. Also, developing in personal integrity.​
  • Relationships in ministry – developing a humble, self-giving attitude towards others and being teachable.​

COMPETENCE – where they learn how to:​

  • Engage in evangelism and world mission – by developing a heart for the lost and engaging in evangelism with a commitment to world evangelism.​
  • Teach the Bible – by teaching the Bible one-to-one, in small groups and in public settings.​
  • Train others to minister – by identifying people’s gifts and potential, then working to equip them and develop the skills to minister to others.​

LEADERSHIP – where they learn how to:

  • Be effective leaders – by learning how to motivate, inspire and organise people to work together in teams.​

What Ministries do the Apprentices work in at Salt?​​

The apprentices work in a wide range of ministries within Salt, including: Salt Kids, Salt Youth, Sunday Gatherings, Maturity, Membership, Magnification, Ministry and Mission.​

How is an MTS Apprenticeship Funded?

An essential part of each apprentice’s ministry is support raising. Our apprentices currently raise 75% of their scholarship. As a church we are also committed to raising funds to assist each apprentice (25%) and for supporting Salt as an MTS training centre.

Please consider giving to support the MTS program at Salt or one of our individual apprentices.

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