Our Summer Series is kicking off this January!

We all want solutions to our World’s biggest problems. Did you know that God has a better way?

  • Jan 7th: Be happy
    We all want to be happy and our world tells us how to be – the only problem is the world’s paths to happiness contradict each other and don’t actually seem to work that well. What does our maker say about our happiness?
  • Jan 14th: Be calm
    With so many things that trigger our stress and anxiety, we long to be calm and anxious-free. Our world has suggestions of how to get there. But God has a better, more permanent fix!
  • Jan 21st: Be spiritual
    We’re seeking authentic spirituality, which we don’t think can be found in organised religion but more likely in music, experiences, & encounters with the divine. We’re kind of just guessing though, experimenting, chasing fleeting experiences and not sure if we’ll ever fully reach up to God. A better way to be spiritual is to see that God wants us to be spiritual too and so he’s come down to us to make us truly spiritual.

We’d love you to come and visit us for any or all of these weeks!

You will also find the series’ sermons uploaded here