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Praise & Prayer Night image

At Salt Church, we are praying for a flood of lifelong disciples who are growing in their awe and love of God, who joyfully give thanks to Him, as they obey His will. So, we think it’s important to spend time together as a community in adoration of God to remind ourselves about who He is, what He has done for us, and to help our thoughts to begin with Him.  All are welcome, although there will not be an organised program for kids, to a night of making music and talking to God! When: 7:15 pm Monday the 5th of August 2024 Where: Salt Church, 27 Keira St Wollongong

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Living for God in a world that isn’t image

Our sermon series on 1 Corinthians begins on Sunday the 5th of May. In this letter, Paul aims to provide practical advice to the Corinthians – who are living in a wealthy, cosmopolitan, commercial centre just like us. Their way of life is too much like Corinth’s and not enough like God’s. This is the same challenge that we face living as God’s people in Wollongong. As Paul helps the Corinthian Church through their problems using the gospel as their motivation, he shows them that what they actually need is a deeper understanding of what God has done through Jesus’ life, because they have forgotten, misunderstood or rejected these implications. Join us as we gain greater clarity of the gospel and as ...

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Easter 2024 Photo Gallery image

The Easter weekend was super encouraging! We are very thankful for all of those who joined us. On Good Friday, 275 Keira St was overflowing as we came together to reflect on how Jesus’ crucifixion is the most significant death in history. We also witnessed nine baptisms. It was so, so good! Then on Sunday, as well as celebrating Jesus’ resurrection, we celebrated the official launch of three Sunday gatherings at Salt Church with bacon + egg rolls as well as an Easter egg hunt after the morning gatherings, and a pub feed at North Gong Hotel after the 5:00 pm gathering. Praise God! Enjoy this gallery of photos captured over the weekend…  

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Joy, no matter what – Philippians 1 & 2 image

In our next series we’ll look at the first two chapters of Philippians. As Salt Church deals with change (moving from two gatherings to three), we want to remind each other that we are still partners in sharing the gospel and not to be discouraged by the things (like change) that we are wrestling with. In his letter to the Philippians, Paul writes about exactly this. He reminds them of his love for them, his prayers for them, that he’s still dedicated to sharing the gospel for their sakes, and not to be surprised or discouraged by suffering. Because Jesus told them to expect suffering. And because God is sovereign over all, including suffering. Paul urges the Philippians to imitate Christ and ...

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Two NEW morning gatherings – 9:00 am & 10:45 am image

New AM gatherings

We now have TWO morning gatherings! On the 31st of March, Salt Church will be officially launching two new gathering times on a Sunday morning; 9:00 am and 10:45 am. Both gatherings will still be meeting at 275 Keira St in the heart of Wollongong and both gatherings will still be doing the same things we’ve always done; opening the Bible, working through it together, understanding more about Jesus, singing and praying together… and we’ll still keep that precious 10 minute coffee break! Salt Kids programs will run at both gathering times catering to zero to 12 year olds. We are praying that launching these two new gatherings will lead to more opportunities for people in our community to come along ...

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Summer Series: A Better Way To image

Our Summer Series is kicking off this January! We all want solutions to our World’s biggest problems. Did you know that God has a better way? Jan 7th: Be happy We all want to be happy and our world tells us how to be – the only problem is the world’s paths to happiness contradict each other and don’t actually seem to work that well. What does our maker say about our happiness? Jan 14th: Be calm With so many things that trigger our stress and anxiety, we long to be calm and anxious-free. Our world has suggestions of how to get there. But God has a better, more permanent fix! Jan 21st: Be spiritual We’re seeking authentic spirituality, which we don’t ...

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Celebrating SaltFest 2023 image

October 12-15th It was so fun to host SaltFest again! We met loads of new people and had a great time…   Wellness Workshop was a haven of self-care and luxury Ladies made beautiful, personalised & sustainable self care products, ate delicious desserts and got to know each other surrounded by the wonderful scents of the product-making-process!     Bread Making with Lachie got us hands-on and doughy! Lots of fun, food, and friends to be had!     Make and Play Kids Carnival coloured their morning with lots of fun for kids and adults on the jumping castle, science experiments, donut decorating, face painting, games, coffee, pizza & a BBQ!     We had friends and family come from all ...

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New Sermon Series: Titus image

Starting the 22nd October 2023, Salt Church’s sermons will be exploring the book of Titus! We all want to ‘do good’. But there’s so many conflicting ideas out there about what is “good” and how to do it! That’s why we’re looking at the book of Titus. The book of Titus will show us what God calls good. It’ll teach us that the very reason God saves people through Jesus is so that we would do good. Christians are saved for good – saved permanently and saved to do good. Join us for this series to learn how to do good in a confusing and confused world! You will find all sermons uploaded here!

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Save the Date! Events of Salt Fest October 2023 image

Pop these in your calendar! You don’t want to miss it. We’re getting ready to spring into our next Salt Fest this October! We are excited to host a range of events for you to come along and invite your friends to… so, let’s save the date together! Salt Fest October 2023 Events & Workshops: THURSDAY 12th October: Wellness Workshop (7-9pm) – some lovely ladies are back to teach us the goodness of how to make sustainable of self care products! More info to come, stay in the loop via Facebook! FRIDAY 13th October: Bread Making Workshop (6.30-9pm) – get hands on & slow down whilst learning the secrets of sourdough from the experts themselves! More info to come, let us know you’re keen via ...

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Sermon Series: Acts 18-28 image

Starting the 6th August 2023, Salt Church’s sermons will be exploring Acts 18-28! The book of Acts shows us the gospel is unstoppable, simply because it’s God’s message and it’s God who is growing his church. As one person says while interrogating the apostles:“Leave these men alone! Let them go! For if their purpose or activity is of human origin, it will fail. But if it is from God, you will not be able to stop these men; you will only find yourselves fighting against God.” Acts 5:38-39 We’ll learn from Acts: what is the gospel we’re meant to share, how are we meant to share it, what response should we expect to see when we share it, and who ...

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