God loves Ancient Israel: the bible tells us so. But the book of Hosea shows us they’re guilty of the ugliest spiritual adultery towards God. For this they’ll face God’s right judgement, as Assyria comes to wage war on them. But God’s love for his wayward bride is relentless.

God loves Us: the bible tells us so. But the book of Hosea shows us how ugly and loveless we are, apart from God’s work in us. For this Jesus faced God’s right judgement. God’s love for us is relentless.

Listen as we unpack Hosea and discover God’s Relentless Love for us.
In his extraordinay mercy God calls his people back to him for the final time in Hosea. They didn't respond, but have you?
God changes people to respond to him & to be truth lovers like him.
Feel the anguish of God as he wrestles within himself as perfect judge and lover of his people. God is not like us, his extraordinary justice and mercy seen in…
The darkest chapters of Hosea have something very relevant to instruct us on today. Will we take God's warning seriously?
Want to love the things God loves and hates the things God hates? Listen this week in Hosea 6 to hear the heart of God, nothing will fuel you more…
God has revealed Himself and the good news of the gospel, to reject this knowledge is to invite ruin and judgement.
Why do we find counterfeit gods so attractive? What is an idol and how would I know if I'm committing idolatry? From Hosea to us we take an exploration into…
We continue to explore the astonising love of God in light of Israel's blantant unfaithfulness. How will you respond to God's love for you?
God's astonishig response to Israel's shocking spiritual adultery says all we need to know about our treatment of God and his astounding response. Do you know God and do you…

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