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New Sermon Series: Romans 12 image

Starting the 10th October 2021, Salt Church will be focusing on Romans 12: Living In View of God’s Mercy! How should we live in response to God’s enormous mercy to us in Jesus? To be a disciple of Jesus is to live a radically different life in response to God’s extraordinary kindness to us. But what does that life look like? How should I live to please God more with my life? How should we live as disciples at Salt Church?  Romans 12 is packed with how to live in response to the gospel. It begins with ‘In view of God’s mercy… do this .. (verse 1). In this chapter there’s hardly a part of life God doesn’t address for us ...

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Pathway back to physical gatherings image

September 22nd 2021: Stay tuned and pray for Salt Church leadership as we make some important decisions to return back to physical gatherings over the next few weeks. The government has already outlined what will be possible for our community when 70% of NSW is double vaccinated. This is expected by early to mid October (click here for details and predicted timelines here). Churches will  be included in the same category as restaurants, cafes and theatres etc. i.e a max of 1 person per 4m2 indoors, vaccinated only, masks and no singing. The NSW government has yet to specify what will be possible when 80% of NSW is vaccinated. The hope and prayer (and keen lobbying of key religious community ...

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How Christians make complex decisions – Online Event image

We’re running a night to help you think about whether to be vaccinated, because it’s a decision we all have to make or have already made. But we’re doing something bigger than that too. With every decision we make we want to make a good choice. But we often need to make decisions where it’s complicated, there’s a lot of factors to weigh up, and it’s not clear what the “good choice” is. When: This event will be online and interactive! Tune in via our YouTube Live-stream on Friday 10th September at 7.30 pm What to expect: How do you make those kinds of complex decisions? That’s what we’re going to explore, with the vaccine as a case study. The ...

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