Salt Church Away 2016: The Trinity

Salt Church Away 2016: The Trinity

Each year Salt Church goes away and looks at a big topic. We lay foundations in our thinking and wrestle over a whole weekend with something life changing about God.

This year at Salt Away is about who God is – God as Trinity.

The Trinity is one of those ideas we sometimes think is a bit intellectual or theoretical and not really of any importance to real life. But actually the Trinity is central to who God is and who God is for us.

As we look at the Trinity we see the Glory of God, the heart that drives God, how and why God saves people, and how the good news of Christianity is that God is the gospel.

As you listen to these sermons, we hope you’ll get a much bigger and more profound understanding of our great God, and that your love for God would grow much deeper! Or if you’re exploring who God is and whether Jesus is worth listening to we hope you’ll find answers to your questions here.

The Spirit directs Paul in all his movements towards Jerusalem. How can we expect God to guide his people today?
Paul's farewell speech to his leaders is intense! What is the role of church leadership and what does that say to all of us about church?
The good news of Jesus brings unavoidable conflict. This has some profound implications for both the conflict adverse and the conflict seeker.
Nothing stops the good news of Jesus powerfully changing lives to this day, not even evil spirits. What does that look like today?

Who wouldn't want to love the vulnerable? but in what unique way are God's people called to love the disadvantaged?
God has a better design for sex & marriage than our culture offers. He even gives laws to retrieve/regain/salvage good outcomes when his people sin sexually… and he even gives…
Laws show us what God cares about. In these laws in Deut 19 he cares about every human life, true justice, our actions & motives. In Jesus' life God shows…
Leaders have a big impact on our lives. What kinds of leaders does God want us to be?
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