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Celebrating the real hope Jesus brings in uncertain times Easter is a great time to join us at Salt Church. We gather together on Good Friday and Easter Sunday to reflect on the extraordinary historical events of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Life is uncertain but there is certain hope and life to receive and celebrate through Jesus! If you haven’t been to church before, or it’s been a long time since you looked into Jesus, we’re especially excited to meet and get to know you – and for you to get to know us! We’d love to share with you about our Great God and the wonderful things he’s done for us. Come along at any of the following times ...

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Our prayer at Salt is to see a flood of disciples in Wollongong, including hundreds of kids and youth in the years ahead!  At our recent AGM we heard of the need to keep investing in high level leadership to enable our Next Gen ministry to continue to grow. We’ve already seen the benefit of having Fee Ackman in this role overseeing our growing Salt Kids ministry and a new youth initiative kicked off in February. If you missed the interview with Fee at GROW AGM, catchup here! We’d like to keep increasing the capacity of this role to a 3 day paid position in 3 years time. Under God and through your generosity this is achievable through incremental budget ...

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Missed it? To see a replay of the night click here! Over 80 of our members gathered at our GROW/AGM on Friday 11th March (Salt’s 10th B’day!) in person at 275 and online. Key Points: We were reminded of our vision to see a flood of disciples in Wollongong! Jesus had razor sharp convictions on eternity – this will fuel us for a mission that is hard. We launched our Next Gen Giving Campaign to raise 50K towards a three year goal of a paid part time high level leader over our growing Next Gen (kids and youth) ministry. We were reminded of our need to prepare for our next location beyond 275 Keira St. This year our Admin Committee ...

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Salt Church Turned 10! At our recent GROW/AGM we celebrated Salt turning 10! Salt was 10 years old to the day. We sang, we ate, we gave thanks and asked God to bring the flood of disciples we so keenly want to see in our city of Wollongong! The backstory… On 11th March 2012 a small group of people met at Wollongong Town Hall to begin making disciples! Most of this initial group are still at Salt, still keen to see more disciples in the city of Wollongong! Praise God for their vision and energy and for his faithfulness in the making of many disciples, in different locations and through the highs and lows of a journey demonstrating God’s immense ...

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