Deuteronomy: How To Love God

Deuteronomy: How To Love God

Christians want to love God. Deuteronomy shows us how to love God.

Do you want to know what God wants from you?

You’ll find each sermon from this series recorded below, with the first on the 8th May 2022.

Who wouldn't want to love the vulnerable? but in what unique way are God's people called to love the disadvantaged?
God has a better design for sex & marriage than our culture offers. He even gives laws to retrieve/regain/salvage good outcomes when his people sin sexually… and he even gives…
Laws show us what God cares about. In these laws in Deut 19 he cares about every human life, true justice, our actions & motives. In Jesus' life God shows…
Leaders have a big impact on our lives. What kinds of leaders does God want us to be?
We're made for one another and no one wants to be lonely. What sort of community does God want his people to be?
1. What’s the reason for the OT food laws? So God’s people can live holy lives, even in their kitchens. || 2. What are Christians meant to do with OT…
If you want to love God you're going to feel the pressure to wander. What are these pressure points and why does God take them so seriously?
We love God by worshipping him his way – worshipping him any other way is deeply insulting and deeply unsatisfying.
God promises Ancient Israel physical blessings and curses, based on whether they obey or disobey him. What blessings does God promise Christians? Every spiritual blessing in Christ because Christ was…
Who would have thought pride could be so dangerous? On the edge of the Promised Land God's people are about to lose it all.
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