Constitution Upgrade

Review Panel [Update May 2022]

The final step in implementing our new constitution is to appoint Salt’s Review Panel members. Our Review Panel will replace our current selection panel and Board of Reference and amongst other things be responsible to oversee the selection of a new lead pastor or investigate the conduct of the Lead Pastor.

As per the constitution, the panel is to consist of 6 members – 2 appointed by Lead Pastor, 3 nominated by Salt Inc. members and voted on at our General Meeting (GROW) on Friday 24th, and 1 appointed by the FIEC executive (They have nominated Greg Lee – Senior Pastor, Hunter Bible Church and he has accepted) for a three year term.

Each member of the Review Panel must:

(a) be a man who is known for his maturity of faith and Christian character in accordance with 1 Timothy 3:1-7, and has demonstrated in his own context a commitment to pursuing the Mission of the Association;

(b) agree in writing to uphold the Statement of Beliefs of the Association, and

(c) agree in writing to support the Association in pursuing its Mission.

More Info

If you’re a Salt Inc. member, check your inboxes from Friday 27th May for all the details on our General Meeting, June 24th, how to nominate and vote. For a full description of the roles, responsibilities, and voting process of the Review Panel see pages 10-15 of our new constitution here.

Along with the ongoing implementation of our safe ministry policy, see below for our next steps…

On Friday 11th March 2022, at our recent GROW/AGM, the members passed our proposed new constitution. Praise God for the efforts of our constitution committee and all those who contributed to shaping our new constitution as a platform for making disciples for generations to come.

Here is all the information you need regarding this process:

Understand the constitution in the context of safe ministry:

Michael on why the new Constitution is a significant improvement:

About the Process

We’re reforming our constitution as a better platform for making disciples for many generations to come! Our constitution committee (Grant Wood, Sharon I’Ons, Geoff Ackman, Michael Plaege) with input from our admin committee and members have been working away at a new draft since May 2021. They  look forward to presenting it to Salt Church at our upcoming info nights and AGM.

After our members’ consultation period in November last year the constitution committee has carefully gone through all the feedback from members and our Board of Reference and made further changes to our new constitution resulting in two great outcomes – a better constitution and an upgrade of our safe ministry policies.

Under our current constitution changes to our constitutions require 21 days notice, 50% of Salt Inc. members present to be passed by a 75% majority – we’re voting on our new constitution at our Grow/AGM, Friday 11th March 7.30pm @ 275 Keira Street

What’s the process for making the changes?

May 2021 Committee reviewed scope of changes
July- Oct 2021 Committee drafted new constitution
1-21st Nov 2021 Member & Board of Reference Consult period
Dec-Jan 2022 Constitution committee prepare final draft for voting
Feb 2022 Report back to members – Where we’ve landed

[ 18th Feb 2022 New Constitution & upgraded Safe Ministry Polices emailed to members ]
[ 18th & 28th Feb 2022 Constitution Plus – Info Nights ]

March 2022 Vote on our new constitution at our AGM.
April 2022 Submission to ACNC/Dept of Fair Trading
May 2022 Election of Review Panel Members at General Meeting


‘Constitution Plus’ Info Nights

Info Night One: Bonus info on how we’re growing a safe church

7:30pm Friday 18th February @ 275 Keira St

Dig deeper into the what and why of our new constitution and how it fits into the context of safe ministry at Salt. Watch replay here!

Info Night Two: Bonus info on how our theology of men and women shapes our constitution

7:30pm Monday 28th February @ 275 Keira St

Dig deeper into what the Bible does and doesn’t say about men and women in ministry and how it shapes our new constitution. Watch replay here!



We’ll keep you updated on progress as we approach the member consult. Feel free to chat to any of the committee members, the pastoral staff or email

If you’ve got a question or a suggestion that you’d like the Admin Committee to consider you can email or

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