Baptism at Salt Church

Adult Baptism

Baptism is one of the great gifts God has given His Church. It points to the reality of what Christ has done for us in His death and resurrection. My prayer is that we would see a whole bunch of baptisms at Salt Church this year. Jesus’ command to His Church is to make disciples, baptising them in the name of the Father, Son & Holy Spirit. We want to be faithful to this command. This is why, if you have recently become a believer in Jesus and have never been baptised, I would love to talk to you more about how we can make this happen.

For some, you have never been baptised. You believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, but for whatever reason you have never been baptised. Or, you were baptised in a context where you are now unsure of the validity of your baptism (for instance, a Jehovah’s Witness). It’s true that baptism is not necessary for salvation, however, it is a wonderful gift from God and a sign to believers and unbelievers alike. Please, if you are in this camp, I would love you to click here and let us know.

Infant Baptism

For many at Salt Church, you would like your children to be baptised. This is something we would love to see happen. Children of believers are a part of our church and the visible Church here on earth, and we hope that they will never walk away from trusting in Christ. Please again, click here if you would like to have your children baptised at Salt.

Child Dedication

Child dedication is another option for parents who do not wish to have their children baptised but would still like some sort of acknowledgement that they will dedicate themselves to raising their children in the way of Christ. If this is you, please once again click here to let us know.

An Opportunity

Can I finish with two thoughts. Baptism and dedication offers a unique and important opportunity to our church. Firstly, what a great encouragement it is to see adults and children committing or being committed to serving the Lord with their whole lives. Consider how you could encourage Salt Church through your baptism/child’s baptism or dedication. Secondly, baptism and dedication are a unique opportunity for mission. It can be hard to invite friends to church. It’s much easier to invite friends to see yourself or your child be baptised/dedicated. Don’t waste this opportunity to see friends and family hear the gospel. Let’s make it happen.

Baptisms & dedications will normally take place during one of our Sunday Gatherings. For more information please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Tim Canosa

P.S. If you would like something to read that may help you understand some of the Biblical arguments regarding baptism/infant baptism. Andrew Heard’s (a member of the Salt Church Board of Reference) discussion paper is a good place to start. You can find it here.

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