Saved For Good

Saved For Good: Titus

We all want to do good but often don’t know how, and there’s huge disagreement about what is “good”.

Titus will teach us how to do good in a world that’s confused about this. Christians are saved for good.

You’ll find each sermon from this series recorded below, with the first on the 22nd October 2023.

What is it that we need to stay focused on not to derail our faith and destroy the church? There's one distraction that will grind us to a halt.
With so much teaching from Jesus on how to live, why do Christians still have a bad reputation? Why don’t we look more like Jesus?
What will bring real transformation in our lives? Ditch the band aid treatment and hear how radical change is possible.
Good teaching from God leads to radically counter cultural lives that are suprisingly attractive to our world. Also, hang around to the end for a live Q&A following the sermon.
Why does truth matter? Lies create harm, truth creates health. Where do we find truth? God speaks the truth because he is truth, & submitting to God’s truth leads to…
What does God expect from the leaders of His precious church?
What's the key to a healthy growing church?

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