Christmas Carols: More than background noise

Repeat the sounding joy

One feature of the Christmas period is Christmas Carols. We all have our favourite Carol. Whether you love or hate them you definitely can’t ignore them, as they’re blasted out on repeat in all the shops. Usually though, Christmas Carols are part of the background noise of Christmas – drowned out by the parties and presents, food, friends and fun. This Christmas we’re bringing them front and centre to see what they’re about: what did the writers of these songs see about Jesus and the first Christmas that led them to write these famous Carols?
We’d love you to join us this Christmas, to see how the truths in these famous tunes give us the deepest reason to celebrate at Christmas.

You’ll find each sermon recorded below, starting the 12th December 2021.

How do you get real joy at Christmas? What's all the fuss about a baby boy born 2000 years ago? Meet your King this Christmas, find real life and joy!
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