2 Gold Chapters

1 Corinthians 15 | Romans 8 – 2 Gold Chapters

It’s been another hard year for lots of us, so for this next series we’re keeping things simple. We’ll unpack just 2 chapters of the Bible. The whole Bible is good, but these 2 chapters are solid gold!

Firstly we’re looking at 1 Corinthians 15 about the resurrection and to see: How the future changes now.

Then getting into Romans 8 about being spirit-led Christians to see: How God is for us.

You’ll find each sermon recorded below

No matter what happens we can be completely sure God is for us because of his past actions and future promises.
Among all the other things God gives us, he gives us a new identity. We're sons of God, who call God our father, and who will be glorified with Jesus…
Built on trust in Christ, one sure and crucial evidence you are a Christian is living a life led by the Spirit, but what does that look like?
No condemnation from God is the awesome and unique message of Christianity for those who identify with Jesus, only possible because of both Jesus’ righteousness and death in our place.
There is a work that is eternal, never in vain and disciples of Jesus are to give themselves fully to. It all hangs on the resurrection of Jesus, is this…
Paul answers 2 questions about the future of our bodies. 1) what kind of body will we have? Answer: the resurrected you is you transformed, like Jesus. 2) How will…

The Gospel is good news from God of utmost importance for everyone! You can be sure Jesus death and resurrection saves you from death if you believe.

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