Judges: Wicked People, Gracious God

The News makes the world look like an awful place, full of murder, adultery & evil. The book of Judges makes the News look good. Judges plots the descent of Israel into a spiralling cycle of idolatry, sin & disregard for the God who rescued them from Egypt. Judges is dark, it’s uncomfortable, it’s humanity at its worst.

But God’s light shines in the darkness & God’s grace is on display.

‘The Israelites did evil in the eyes of the Lord… The anger of the Lord burned against Israel… But when they cried out to the Lord, He raised up for them a deliverer…’ (Judges 3:7-9)

Paul is in prison and everything seems to be going wrong - yet he is excited that God's name is being glorified. He's even joyful?! Why don't we have this…
Christianity offers profound and deep joy grounded in the knowledge of who we are in Jesus and the work he has called us into.
If Jesus' resurrection is true, what difference does it make? It proves he is the Lord with absolute power, who uses his power for good, especially the good of being…
What are the signs around Jesus' crucifixion that make his death the most significant in history? You'll respond in one of three ways.
What Jesus is thinking about in the final hours before his death give us an insight into the enormity of what he faced at the cross for us.
The last meal that Jesus ate on earth is the most significant meal in all of history. What's this meal about? And why is it so important to this day?
Someone who knows king Jesus, and so shows that by how they live, and especially by how they love the king’s family.

Knowing the future has a profound effect on how we live now. What does Jesus say about it? It’s complicated but profoundly life changing.
If there's one thing Jesus and the average Aussie has in common it's hatred towards the hypocrite! Learn why Jesus gets so fired up about religious hypocrisy.
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