Our New Home

We’re preparing for a new home!

So many people in our city don’t know Jesus. Our prayer is to see a flood of lifelong disciples in Wollongong and beyond. We want a new home to facilitate long term growth and better do what we’re already doing, the making of disciples for generations to come! Grab this opportunity and help Salt find a new home for a flood of lifelong disciples.


You asked… here are some answers!

Still have questions?
We would love to hear them.
Questions help the Building Committee ensure
we have considered everything

Our New Home Sermon Series

Our six week series will be big on growing disciples.
We’ll hear from God’s word on his vision for the world, our part in it, the place of buildings,
generosity and more!
It kicks off Sunday April 30 & concludes June 4.

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Key Dates

Timeline of upcoming events in 2023

Our New Home Booklet

The why & how of securing Our New Home,
and how to think on sacrificial generosity.

Our Building Committee

The Salty crew helping
Salt Church find our new home:

Andrew Fisher & Rob Royters
Shaun Robinson & Michael Plaege

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