Matthew's Gospel

Matthew’s gospel shows us Jesus Christ: the greatest human who ever lived, with radically good teaching, who brings us the most astonishing salvation and an utterly new life.

The purpose of this book is to convince Jews that Jesus is their promised Messiah who brings salvation, and to convince Gentiles that they can share in this salvation. Then it is for these new people of God (the Church) to know from Jesus’ teaching what it looks like to be Jesus’ disciple-making-disciples, and to be comforted by Jesus’ promises that He is with us, in spite of the opposition we’ll face for Him.

Listen as we unpack Matthew’s Gospel and discover Jesus as Teacher, Saviour & King.
Jesus is literally unique as he is the Son of God, to be listened to above all others, who makes criminals into sons & daughters of God - he gives…
The historical events of Good Friday provide the certain hope we need in uncertain times. This hope comes at great cost to Jesus and will cost you too. Will you…
The most important question of all time is 'Who is Jesus?' If the biographies of Jesus give such a clear answer why do so many get Jesus wrong?
Jesus is the King of not just the Jews, but the whole world! Anyone can come to faith in him - his compassion overflows to all people.
Human traditions can't make us right with God. In fact, they insult God & are completely ineffective at cleaning human hearts. Only God can clean our hearts from the inside.
Jesus's feeding miracles and walking on water are more than just party tricks, they point to something profound about his identity as the most compassionate King imaginable. Will you come…
Good leaders are hard to find. We know what we want in a leader but so often we're let down. What do we learn about true leadership from Jesus and…
How you listen to Jesus matters. Only some will hear and understand what Jesus says - and for those who do will discover God's Kingdom it's worth more than anything.
It matters who you think Jesus is, because misunderstanding Jesus puts you in danger of being against him & being unforgiven forever. But understanding Jesus frees you from Satan’s rule…
What Jesus say to us about work and rest is supremely good but It offends the religious and is still counter cultural to this day.
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