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The Question that Matters Most (Matthew 22:41-23:12)
February 11, 2024

The Question that Matters Most (Matthew 22:41-23:12)

Passage: Matthew 22:41-23:12

The most important questions in life are not the ones we come up with but the ones Jesus asks us. Here (in 22:41-46) Jesus asks us who is the Lord of the universe. Spoiler alert, it's Jesus! Why does that matter? If we get that Jesus is Lord, and make him "my Lord" like David does, then it protects us from missing the shape of the universe (and so being forced to bow before Jesus as Lord), from fake religion (which the Pharisees have in 23:1-7), from false promotion (which the disciples are tempted to do in 23:8-10) and from a foolish quest (to exalt ourselves and be served rather than serve as in 23:11-12). What a great Lord we need and have!

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