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October 7-15th We’re getting ready to spring into our next Salt Fest! We are excited to host a range of events, including a Kids Carnival and a Maker Market for you to come along and invite your friends to… so, save the date! Salt Fest will be an awesome opportunity to engage with the city of Wollongong, as we create a space to meet new people and celebrate some of the good things in life together over food, fun and community. Because we love our city, it makes sense to be intentional right here with our friends, family, neighbours, co-workers and people we’ve never met. Keep an eye out as we release the details!

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Sermon Series: How To Love God – Deuteronomy image

Sunday 11th June 2023, Salt Church will continue our series in Deuteronomy! The main purpose of the book of Deuteronomy: Israel is on the plains of Moab about to enter the Promised Land. Their leader Moses is about to die. And so comes Deuteronomy – 3 sermons from Moses to tell God’s people how to love God. Deuteronomy is to the Old Testament what Romans is to the New Testament; it’s the most thorough explanation of the character and purposes of God, how to become one of God’s people and how to live and to love God as one of his people. The main purpose of the book is to call every generation of Israelites to faithful covenant love for ...

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