Summer Nights

At Salt Church we’re on about seeing a flood of lifelong disciples across the Illawarra, which is why we run Summer Nights! Because we love our city, it makes sense to be on mission right here to our friends, family, neighbours, co-workers and people we’ve never met.
Our aim is to connect with people and give them an opportunity to engage with the gospel. While doing that we will be well equipped with good training, we’ll raise the profile of Salt Church in our city and be the forerunners in encouraging the whole of Salt to be on mission.

During the week, the team spends time together in God’s word, sharing meals and hanging out. The most important thing we’ll be doing is sharing Jesus with our community in accessible ways, meeting them in their space. We’ll also receive good, practical training on how to do this well that will equip us not just for this week but for our lives!

Join us: Monday 18th – Sunday 24th January
You can sign up HERE and join the team FaceBook Group HERE

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