Our New Home Series

Our New Home Series

We need to secure a new home for Salt. So for the next 6 weeks we’re in Our New Home series, exploring 6 big ideas – God’s glory, God’s mission, God’s gifts, God’s people, God’s timing & God’s promises – and trying to raise $1 million over 3 years.

That’s big! But even bigger, our pastors think this series will be a defining moment in our spiritual growth, where we’ll look back at how much God grew us in these 6 weeks. So come for each week of this series, get ready to grow, help us secure our new home for God’s glory.

Starting April 30, you’ll find each sermon recorded below

We want a New Home to learn to trust God to supply our needs
We want a New Home for the next generations because God's plans outlive us.
We want a New Home to be and become lifelong disciples because God’s plan is we’d be & become lifelong disciples.
A New Home needs us to be generous and God gives us gifts to be generous with, and the grace to use them.
We want a New Home to make more disciples because Jesus came to save the lost.
We want a New Home for God’s glory because it’ll help us glorify God, and God’s glory is what matters most.

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