Leviticus: Holy

We all have things about ourselves we’d love to change – our looks, our habits, our thoughts, our regrets. God doesn’t though. God doesn’t need to change or improve. He has no regrets, no flaws to fix. God is Holy – different to us & perfect in every way.

He wants us to be Holy too. ‘Be Holy because I, the Lord your God, am Holy’ (Lev 19:2)

He has the power to make us Holy. ‘I am the Lord, who makes you holy.’ (Lev 20:8)

Find out from Leviticus what a ‘Holy’ life looks like for you – one that’s different, authentic, & perfect like God’s.

No condemnation from God is the awesome and unique message of Christianity for those who identify with Jesus, only possible because of both Jesus’ righteousness and death in our place.
There is a work that is eternal, never in vain and disciples of Jesus are to give themselves fully to. It all hangs on the resurrection of Jesus, is this…
Paul answers 2 questions about the future of our bodies. 1) what kind of body will we have? Answer: the resurrected you is you transformed, like Jesus. 2) How will…

The Gospel is good news from God of utmost importance for everyone! You can be sure Jesus death and resurrection saves you from death if you believe.
If you're a Christian you've gone through a massive transformation not because of what you've done but because of God's love and kindness through Jesus. Do you realise this? Have…
God gives us a saying we can build our lives on - that Jesus came into the world to save you, a sinner.
Does God care how we worship him? God commands us to turn from false/misguided worship to know and worship him properly.
How would you know if God is at work in your life? Should we be looking for miracles and how would you know one if you saw one?
Should we be arguing with one another as disciples of Jesus? Aren't Christians meant to be about peace and unity? What could be so serious that the early church agrees…
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