The Church

September 13, 2020
Jesus loves his Church (that's us!). We're a messy, awkward, unusual community but Jesus loves us so much that he dies to bring us together. How does that shape how…

The Son’s Works

August 23, 2020
The climatic and earth shattering moment of Jesus' life is his death and bodily resurrection. We explore why this event changed humanity forever.

The Son of God

August 16, 2020
Jesus comes to us in the pages of the Bible as truly God and truly man. Why is this so important and what difference does it make if we get…

Our God, Our Father

August 2, 2020
When Christians talk about God, we're talking about the God of the bible who is there, is massive, is eternal, triune and self sufficient. The only appropriate response to meeting…


July 26, 2020
God speaks to us by his word in the Bible. But what does that mean? What is the Bible and how are we to read it? This is the 2nd…

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