Starting the 2nd January 2022, Salt Church will be in our Summer Series!

Many of us have read some or all of the Bible, and so there’s many things about God we assume we know. God is full of surprises though! So across January at Salt Church, we’ll look at four unexpected truths, four surprising things God wants you to know.

  • Jan 2nd: If there even is a God out there, surely we can’t know that God and what God’s like.
    God has an unexpected truth for you: God is there, and you can know him


  • Jan 9th: Sadly Christians sometimes cause more hurt than help, and so Christianity is often accused of being harmful.
    God has an unexpected truth for you: Christianity is good for you


  • Jan 16th: Most people believe in karma, that things will always balance out in the end.
    God has an unexpected truth for you: God’s not into karma


  • Jan 23rd: Most people believe we’re good enough for God and so we’ll go to heaven when we pass away.
    God has an unexpected truth for you: Only bad people go to heaven

We’d love you to come and visit us for any or all of these weeks, or you can tune in online to watch our livestream.

You will also find the sermons uploaded here