3 nights of finding out what Christians believe and why

Whether you’re totally new to Christianity, know a bit about it or have been in church for years, these nights will be helpful to explore more of what Christians believe and why they believe it.

Why I Believe will be held at 275 Keira St at 7.30 pm on April 30th, May 7th and May 14th 2021. Each week will cover a different topic to get you thinking.

  • April 30th: There Is A God To Know
  • May 7th: There’s Something Stopping Us From Knowing God
  • May 14th: We Can Truly Know God

We’d love you to join us each week as we hear from a Salt member sharing about the topic, a 15 minute bible talk and some time for discussion and questions. If you have any questions you can submit them through the link below or SMS them to 0488 826 383.

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