Starting the 10th October 2021, Salt Church will be focusing on Romans 12: Living In View of God’s Mercy!

How should we live in response to God’s enormous mercy to us in Jesus? To be a disciple of Jesus is to live a radically different life in response to God’s extraordinary kindness to us. But what does that life look like? How should I live to please God more with my life? How should we live as disciples at Salt Church? 

Romans 12 is packed with how to live in response to the gospel. It begins with ‘In view of God’s mercy… do this .. (verse 1). In this chapter there’s hardly a part of life God doesn’t address for us – how to love, serve, lead and suffer. This is a series on Christian ethics. Here are God’s loving commands dependent on his kindness and mercy. What we do is super important but so is the reason. This is not a list of dos and don’ts (that is legalism) but a description of a life shaped by Jesus, his work at the cross and the beautiful community he has created in the church. Get ready to please God in all of life!


You will find sermons uploaded here