Zech 3:8–10

Listen now, Joshua the high priest, both you and your colleagues who are
sitting before you, all of you are a symbol that I am about to introduce my
servant, the Branch.
As for the stone I have set before Joshua—on the one stone there are seven
eyes. I am about to engrave an inscription on it,’ says the Lord of
Heaven’s Armies, ‘to the effect that I will remove the iniquity of this
land in a single day.
In that day,’ says the Lord of Heaven’s Armies, ‘everyone will invite his
friend to fellowship under his vine and under his fig tree.’”

One thought:

What’s the most you have ever accomplished in one day?

Three questions:

What is the significance of the number 7 in the Bible?

Do you marvel at the work of Christ?

Check out Isaiah 11 for more information on ‘the Branch’.



Praise God for His great plan of salvation – that in a single day the sins of God’s people would be removed. Give thanks that your sins have been forgiven. Ask God to help you + someone else continue to look to Jesus for your salvation and for hope.