Psalm 15

A psalm of David. Lord, who may be a guest in your home? Who may live on
your holy hill?
Whoever lives a blameless life, does what is right,and speaks honestly.
He does not slander, or do harm to others, or insult his neighbor.
He despises a reprobate, but honors the Lord’s loyal followers. He makes
firm commitments and does not renege on his promise.
He does not charge interest when he lends his money. He does not take
bribes to testify against the innocent. The one who lives like this will
never be shaken.


One thought:

To allow sinners into heaven, would be to turn heaven into earth


Three questions:


Can you think of a bigger question in the Bible than verse 1?


How do you feel about what God approves of or doesn’t?


Identify which of the attributes mentioned in the Psalm you need to grow in



Acknowledge God as holy, totally pure and good.

Give thanks that through Jesus we have been made blameless and can join God on His holy hill.

Ask God to help you to grow in becoming more like God wants you to be.