Jesus was promised by the Old Testament. There are between 50 and 300 prophecies (depending on how you break them up) that promise a coming Messiah. These prophecies/promises remarkably describe Jesus in ways that clearly point to a supernatural origin of both promise and fulfillment.

This Christmas, we look at these promises and their fulfillment in Jesus Christ. That He is the promised Child, the seed of the woman who will crush the head of the snake. He is the Promised Servant, who will suffer for the sake of His people’s sins. He is the promised Son, who will do the will of His Father in heaven. He is the promised Saviour, who will Exodus a people for Himself. Finally, He is the promised King who rules over all creation as Lord.

It is the birth of the promised one, Jesus Christ, who we celebrate this Christmas.

Child | Sunday 8th December | 10am & 5pm
Servant | Sunday 15th December | 10am & 5pm
Son | Sunday 22nd December | 10am & 5pm
Saviour | Christmas Eve 24th December | 5pm
King | Christmas Day 25th December | 9am

Everyone is welcome! We meet at 275 Keira St, Wollongong

Our Christmas gatherings will be shorter than usual. There’ll be a kids program at our 10am gathering on each Sunday and Christmas Eve. Kids and Creche are in for church on Christmas Day.