Repeat the Sounding Joy

Christmas is a great time of year! Full of family and food and fun. But in the middle of the hectic fun of Christmas these songs are playing in the background: Christmas carols. What are they all about?

In this series we’ve taken 3 popular and well known carols and brought them front and centre so we can hear about the hope and joy they speak of.


There's lots of opinions about who Jesus is. Find out why mistaking his identity really matters, when a 6 sentence speech to a hometown crowd causes a near-deadly riot.
#real-life #real-salvation #real-hope
Jesus brings hope in the face of death
Jesus brings a lasting hope to our thirsty world
Forgiveness from God: a confronting reality but something we desperately need.
Some events change your life forever and this is one of them - a cosmic battle between the Son of God and the Enemy of God, that takes place as…
John prepares the way for the Lord Jesus who perfects His people
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