Starting the 8th January 2023, Salt Church will be in our Summer Series!

We all want solutions to our World’s biggest problems. Did you know that God has a better way?

  • Jan 8th: Be Mentally Well
    We have good ways to improve mental health – RUOK day, self care, psychology, medication. Yet more people are suffering than ever before and the problem’s getting worse not better. What’s the missing piece? Hear from God a better way to be mentally well.


  • Jan 15th: Be Eco-Friendly
    Many people use and abuse our planet, but we need to care for it – it’s the only one we’ve got. We should all be green and do our bit. And yet God cares about our planet even more than we do! Hear from God a better way to be eco-friendly.


  • Jan 22nd: Be Financially Secure
    It takes lots of $$ to be secure and enjoy life. With house costs rising, super dropping and inflation, it takes even more. Can we be financially secure or will we spend our lives struggling to get ahead? Hear from God a better way to be financially secure.

We’d love you to come and visit us for any or all of these weeks!

You will also find the sermons uploaded here