Come and explore the big questions of life!

These 3 events will be a great opportunity to think through these important questions with discussion, Q&A and good food. Come to one or all of these nights. Everyone welcome!

Thursday Jan 16th – How did we get here?

Does it matter how we got here? Are we an accident of biology? The Bible says we were created by God. But can we trust the Bible? Has science shown the Bible to be false? How we got here matters because it points to why we are here. Come and have a discussion about how we got here.

Friday Jan 17th – Why are we here?

Does life have a purpose? Were we made for something bigger than ourselves? Or is life simply what you make of it? Come for a discussion on what the Bible has to say about the purpose for your life.

Saturday Jan 18th – Where are we going?

What happens when we die? Is there something after death? Is life a straight line with an end, a circle or does it go on forever? Come for a discussion on what the Bible says about life after death.

7pm at 275 Keira Street, Wollongong
$5 at the door for dinner

Find out more information and RSVP on the Facebook event.