We have Small Groups for members at Salt Church, so we can help each other know God better and learn to love each other like God loves us. Sign-up for Small Groups will open this Sunday the 23rd at 8am and closed Sunday 30th Jan.
But if you want a sneak peek of when and where all our Small Groups will be this year, check it out here!

If I’m new to Salt Church, can I join a Small Group?

Small Groups are a great part of life at Salt Church, so we’d definitely love to get you in one. But we’ve found that the most helpful first step for you if you’re a Christian and you’ve recently started coming to Salt is Beginning (find out more about it here). Or if you wouldn’t call yourself a Christian but you’re keen to find out more about Jesus, check out Why I Believe (find out more about it here).

What if I don’t know any of the Small Group Leaders?
That’s ok. If you belong to Jesus you’re also united with every other Christian that belongs to Jesus. It always takes a while to get to know the leaders and other people in your Small Group, but you’ll have many weeks together doing just that.