Who is Jesus? The way you answer that question is important. Come along for 4 weeks of discovering who Jesus is as we look at 4 different people that Jesus meets:

  1. The one who knows me – Sunday January 5th
  2. The one who finds me – Sunday January 12th
  3. The one who saves me – Sunday January 17th
  4. The one who give me life – Sunday January 26th

Come along



The way to the transformed life is surprising. Get this right and everything follows.
What God has done in Christ for us is massive! How are we to respond? The first verse of Romans 12 sets the scene for a radically transformed life.
God is for us but God’s not here for us. God is at the centre & we’re here for him | God answers prayers, gives victory to his King, does…
The God we know in the sky and sun, in speech, and in the Son, is a good God. Don't ignore him. Know him so he will forgive your sins,…
Can the Gospel be stopped? Imprisoning and killing christians seem like pretty big threats! What would happen if it got much much harder to be christian in Australia?
The Gospel is unstoppable even when the messengers are killed. Stephen's death shows us 5 reasons it makes sense to sacrifice & die for Jesus: Jesus really is Lord, God…
We’re running a night to help you think about whether to be vaccinated, because it’s a decision we all have to make or have already made. But we’re doing something…
The Gospel is unstoppable but there are some real physical needs here! How do you care for the vulnerable and proclaim Jesus at the same time?
The Gospel is unstoppable but there are threats to the Gospel. Will the enemies of God stop God's plans?
The Gospel is unstoppable but there are threats to the Gospel. Will corruption in the church stop God's plans?
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