September 22nd 2021:
Stay tuned and pray for Salt Church leadership as we make some important decisions to return back to physical gatherings over the next few weeks. The government has already outlined what will be possible for our community when 70% of NSW is double vaccinated. This is expected by early to mid October (click here for details and predicted timelines here). Churches will  be included in the same category as restaurants, cafes and theatres etc. i.e a max of 1 person per 4m2 indoors, vaccinated only, masks and no singing. The NSW government has yet to specify what will be possible when 80% of NSW is vaccinated.

The hope and prayer (and keen lobbying of key religious community leaders) is that it won’t restrict the unvaccinated from attending gatherings and if so this will be an opportune time for us to begin regathering and welcoming new people, expected mid to late October. Before then we’re making some changes to our livestream and adding a 5 pm livestream. Let’s pray for our government and a safe return to 275 so we might continue to make new disciples!

Join our livestream on Sundays to hear more and give thanks for being able to connect via technology, pray as we continue to navigate this time and get in touch if you have any questions.