Our prayer at Salt is to see a flood of disciples in Wollongong, including hundreds of kids and youth in the years ahead! 

At our recent AGM we heard of the need to keep investing in high level leadership to enable our Next Gen ministry to continue to grow. We’ve already seen the benefit of having Fee Ackman in this role overseeing our growing Salt Kids ministry and a new youth initiative kicked off in February. If you missed the interview with Fee at GROW AGM, catchup here!

We’d like to keep increasing the capacity of this role to a 3 day paid position in 3 years time. Under God and through your generosity this is achievable through incremental budget increases across the next 3 years, the generosity of external supporters and our current giving campaign to raise 50K at Salt announced at our AGM.

Can you help realise our vision for a flood of disciples in the year ahead?

Raising 50K now will put us in a great position to keep building on this vital work in the future. Gifts should be labelled ‘Next Gen’ through our Salt Account.

Click here for how to give at Salt!

We’ve also created a booklet to help you think about what Gospel-based giving looks like. You can download this booklet as a PDF here!

March 23, 2022