Constitutional Review

In the year or so leading up to starting Salt Church, one of the legal requirements was that we needed to supply the NSW Dept of Fair Trading with a Constitution that would govern our Incorporation. We spoke to a bunch of church plants and based our current constitution largely on theirs which has served us well up until this point in our church life.

The recent resignation of our Lead Pastor position at Salt Church has led to previously unused parts of the Salt Church Incorporated constitution being reviewed for the intention of filling the lead pastor position. It has been identified that some parts of the current constitution do not reflect the desires of the church body. Thus, a review and update of the constitution is required. There are also some areas of the Constitution which we would like to change to help us in the interim period until we find a new Lead Pastor.


  1. Current Salt Church Inc constitution
  2. Proposed changes to the Salt Church Constitution
  3. Constitution with proposed amended sections highlighted


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