Zechariah: Return

In 598 BC God’s people were defeated in war, taken off to Babylon, their homes & temple destroyed. But in the book of Zechariah they’re back! They’ve returned to their land. It should be a celebration but things are actually rubbish, because God hasn’t returned with them. In Zechariah God promises to return. We live in the time when that promise has come true. We’re going to find out what it means that God has returned to us.

New Devotions

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Jesus says the key to living a righteous life is all about your eyesight. Do you see the world the way Jesus does?

How to be perfect

February 28, 2021
How can imperfect mediocre people become perfect? Through 3 things Jesus gives.

Kingdom Identity

February 14, 2021
Jesus is the Son of God, the light in the darkness and we are that darkness. But Jesus calls us to a transformed identity, no longer living as darkness (for…
John the Baptist announces something massive for our world but we might miss it unless we take a good look at what God has promised before Jesus. Will you be…
What's the big picture look like from God's perspective and how can we be part of it? We explore encouragements and next steps in making disciples in 2021!
How can we be confident we'll enter Heaven? Are we presuming God will just accept us or is there a better way. When Jesus meets a rich ruler he explains…
God is better than we think... and we are worse than we realise. God is the source of all that's good, He's never the source of evil, but most of…
Why did God make such an exclusive path to knowing Him? When we see that Jesus was the only way God could be just and save people - we can…
God has spoken but are you listening? Nothing is more significant than how we listen to the words of Jesus. It will determine our eternal destination. What kind of listener…
When he is tempted, Jesus obeys his Father God, like no-one ever has before. Through Jesus, we can now obey God too.

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