Stories of Hope

Where do we find hope in this world? Where should we?

Stories of Hope is about ordinary people finding hope in the same person, Jesus Christ.

Jesus' parable of "the prodigal son" is a famous one. However, it's not actually a story about 1 son - it's about 2 sons who are both lost - and…
Jesus invites many to a wonderful feast.
The Kingdom of God is wonderful, to enter it we must make every effort to be repentant. This is God's work in us even as we must do the work…

On Guard

February 24, 2019
There are two kingdoms, judgement is coming, therefore Christians should be on guard.
Almost everyone prays to God. But we usually approach God how we want, and on our own terms. Jesus teaches us the right way to approach God: to approach the…
What matters most to God is us loving Him and loving people made by Him.
When we see what Jesus is on about we’ll know what it means to follow him - He becomes the King by suffering, and he demands whole-life disciples.
God may not be exactly what we want Him to be like. However, He is far better than we could have hoped for evidenced in the humility, love and generosity…
Part 1 of our 2 part series exploring the God who is there, who is personal, who is inter-personal, and who has spoken.
God has been abundantly absurdly generous to us. But yet we're all in danger of taking God for granted. Find out the antidote to taking God for granted.
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