One Off Topics

Having just finished our Sermon Series on Matthew we had three weeks on different topics that can be looked at through God’s word.

Listen to them below:

Faith is probably the most misunderstood word in our society. But it's the most important word, because it's only reasonable faith in Jesus that can save your life - the…
The book of Joshua is a powerful moment in the history of redemption as a window into the rich theme of God's covenant promise of Sabbath-rest and its eventually fulfillment…

In this last sermon in our series on Colossians we look at the time. We see how knowing the time changes how we live in 3 significant ways.
Jesus is Lord of our lives, work, marriages, kids, church, homes, in some very counter cultural ways. Find out what life with him looks like and why it's a better…
What has happened to us in Christ has changed who we are and therefore shapes the way we live.
In Christ we have been brought to fullness, we have everything we need in Christ. Therefore, we should see to it that we aren't taken captive by the empty philosophies…
God reveals the greatest mystery of the universe to us. It's by this mystery that God grows and matures to be like Christ.
Jesus is God’s beloved Son in, through, and for whom everything was made, out of overflowing love.
The truth is that Christians have a future hope and this hope should shape everything. Paul shows us how it shapes the Christian life, particularly in prayer and encouragement.

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