Jesus Brings
 Over just a couple weeks we’re looking at some of the things Jesus brings.
God may not be exactly what we want Him to be like. However, He is far better than we could have hoped for evidenced in the humility, love and generosity…
Part 1 of our 2 part series exploring the God who is there, who is personal, who is inter-personal, and who has spoken.
God has been abundantly absurdly generous to us. But yet we're all in danger of taking God for granted. Find out the antidote to taking God for granted.
God forgives our sins (and removes our guilt!) when we come to him in repentance.
David is a great example of what to do when life seems helpless. Trust in the truth about God. But we have an ever more sustainable truth in what God…
See Christmas through the eyes of Jesus' Mum.
See Christmas through the eyes of one of the villians - the man who tried to kill Jesus because he didn't see the opportunity in front of his very eyes.
Everyone has a different take on Christmas and what it's all about. In this series we're looking at Christmas through the eyes of some of the first people who were…
Does God just set and forget like a watch maker or does He directly intervene in our lives?
We all have ideas of what God is like and what we are like. But as we glimpse the real God's gory we hear the good news, the bad news,…

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