Fight for the Faith

September 27, 2020
God's people have been entrusted with The Faith. This responsibility means we must contend against all false teaching.

Our God, Our Father

August 2, 2020
When Christians talk about God, we're talking about the God of the bible who is there, is massive, is eternal, triune and self sufficient. The only appropriate response to meeting…
We run the race of perseverance for this Reason (we have a new way of life through Jesus), with this Running Style to fine-tune (keeping these rules to please God…

Holy People

September 15, 2019
Since God has made us holy, our life's aim is to be transformed to look more and more like Christ - and God will finish that work.

Holy Laws

September 8, 2019
What are we meant to do with the Old Testament Law now - particularly all the laws that talk about our bodies and desires?

Holy Priests

August 25, 2019
What kind of representative do you need to stand between you & God? Someone who is competent, covered, with clean motives who obeys God correctly, so God will be with…
God is Holy - He is different and perfect - and He chooses Israel to live with Him. But they’re unholy! So how does God make it possible for sinners…

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