Salt Online – Sunday 16th of August

We’re continuing through our Doctrine Series – today looking at Jesus! Who is Jesus? The Bible tells us that Jesus is both God and Man – but what does that mean? And why is that important for us today? That’s some of the things we’ll consider as we do church online together today.

Salt Kids

Colin Buchanan Series
Episode 2 – God is in Control

This term for Salt Kids we will be following Colin Buchanan’s Compassion series of talks and activities. Everyone can watch the video for this week and choose which appropriate activity to do afterwards:

  1. Colin colouring sheet – great option for non readers and crafty types that want to colour something special.
  2. A mini bible study based on a bible passage related to what Colin teaches in the video. – This is great for readers! Print out the visual prompts and talk them through with your kids to know what to look for as they read the passage. You might like to stick this in front of a new journal for the kids to use as they do their mini bible study. Each week, print the passage or find it in a bible and let the kids make their notes from each heading. Some kids might prefer to draw or talk out their reflections instead. You’ll probably recognise the prompts from the Swedish method of bible study. Check out this article by Youthworks if you want a bit more advice about how to use Swedish method with kids.

Bible Passages Episode 2: Psalm 90:2, Revelation 1:18

MORNO’S (Yr5+)

Week 1 –  What’s the deal with Doctrine?!
Week 2 – What’s so special about Scripture?! Week 3 – How great is our God!?
Week 4 – Helpless Humanity… In His Image

We are aiming to follow the sermon series with our own studies. Here is this week’s bible study. We can chat about any questions that might come up next time we zoom.

If you have any questions from the sermon or topic, remember to email them through to the staff team at – Michael will be answering your questions live on Facebook tomorrow night at 7:30pm. You can also catch previous live Q&As here.