Devotions Update

Hi Salt (and friends), Tim Canosa here. For the past year we have been doing Salt online devotions and it has been great. I’ve loved hearing stories of people being impacted as they engage with God’s words to them about Jesus. However, with lots of good things happening at Salt (and a drop-off in readership) – it seems like a good time to take a break from this format. Variety can be a helpful thing when it comes to devotional material.

So, to be clear, for Term 2 of 2021 – we won’t be sending out any daily devotions. However, can I point you to some resources that can keep encouraging you to engage with God over the coming days and weeks.


My Heart Cries Out –> A book of daily devotions by Paul Tripp (engaging and confronting)

For the Love of God –> Through the Bible in one year by Don Carson (rich biblical content)

Valley of Vision Prayers –> A daily prayer from saints long dead but still alive. Rich & encouraging.


My prayer is that you would keep engaging with Jesus daily, as you read, reflect and respond to the gospel in faith.