Heb 1:1–3

After God spoke long ago in various portions and in various ways to our
ancestors through the prophets,
in these last days he has spoken to us in a son, whom he appointed heir of
all things, and through whom he created the world.
The Son is the radiance of his glory and the representation of his
essence, and he sustains all things by his powerful word, and so when he
had accomplished cleansing for sins, he sat down at the right hand of the
Majesty on high.



One thought:

Just as sending a handwritten letter is different to sending an email. Sending the Son is different to sending any other messenger.



Three questions:

What is special about this Son?


Do you feel the significance that God sent His Son to reveal Himself to you?


How could you honor God’s gift to you in Jesus more today?



Acknowledge God the Father as the one who sends the Son in grace.

Give thanks that Jesus came to earth, humbling Himself even to the point of death on a cross.

Ask God to help you and others honor the gift of the Son by trusting in Him more.