Zech 11:8–10

Next I eradicated the three shepherds in one month, for I ran out of
patience with them and, indeed, they detested me as well.
I then said, “I will not shepherd you. What is to die, let it die, and
what is to be eradicated, let it be eradicated. As for those who survive,
let them eat each other’s flesh!”
Then I took my staff “Pleasantness” and cut it in two to annul my covenant
that I had made with all the people.



One thought:

Humans hate to take responsibility, we prefer to blame others rather than acknowledge that we are the problem.



Three questions:

Who were the problem? The shepherds or the people?


Do you feel tempted to reject God?


Spend some time in confessing your sins to God




Praise God for His grace, that though we repeatedly sin against Him, He offers forgiveness in Jesus Christ. Thank God for sending His Spirit to change our hearts that we might no longer reject Him but trust in Christ as Lord. Ask God to change the hearts of three people who currently detest God and His Shepherd, Jesus.